Voice of Spring & Autumn

by Hongjung Park

Exhibition: 14th December 2014 – 10th January 2015

Voice of Spring & Autumn

Hongjung Park will unveil her work in London for the first time at her exhibition here at MOKSPACE. Park’s work has previously been motivated by the healing process and the sanctity of life. However, this exhibition focuses on her own self-reflection of life inspired by pieces of her everyday life. Park fuses personal memories and voice with history and society. From two-dimensional works to different types of installations, the show features a wide range of the artist's works. One of the many pieces, Life Story, consists of forty-five pieces of squares and combines painting with object such as tubes. Other works using new materials such as net and threads will be offered to the public. The integration of the different dimensions create a powerful movement that emerges from the fragile materials created the originality of the artist.

About the artist

Hongjung Park earned her BFA and MFA in fine art from Hong Ik University. When her reputation grew internationally, she relocated to New York City where she now works and lives.

For more information about Hongjung Park and her work, visit www.hongjungart.com.


2014 Biennale de Dak’art , Dakar, Senegal
2013 TGD Project, Dakar National Museum, Senegal
         'C’est la vie’, Barn Gallery, New York, U.S.A.
         ‘My Way in My Work’, New Jersey, U.S.A.
2011 ‘With Love With Art’, Petit Art Gallery, New York, U.S.A
2010 ‘A Life from the Beginning’, Hutchins Gallery. U.S.A
2009 Recent Works, Gallery Da, Beijing, China
         Recent Paintings, Marine Gallery, Pusan, Korea
         Geneva Pale Expo, Geneva, Switzerland
2008 North east Asia Art Festival, Japan
         Geneva Pale Expo, Geneva, Switzerland
         National Contemporary Museum, Seoul, Korea
         Gyungin Gallery, In Chun, Korea,
         Belgium Line Art Fair, Belgium
2007 Miami Art Fair, Miami, USA
         Art in New York, Seoul, Korea
         Louvre National museum des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France


2014 Village d'Art Residency, Darkar, Senegal
2013 TGD10 Dakar Project, IFAN Museum, Senegal
2011 Artist Residency program at The Ireland Project, Ireland
2008 Korea Fine Arts Association, National Contemporary Museum Winning Competitor
2006 Korea Fine Art Exhibition, National Contemporary Museum Competitor
         Seoul Fine Art’s Competition, Winning Competitor
         Danwon Art’s Festival, Winning Competitor
2005 Green Art Festival, Grand Prize
         Na Hye-Seok Grand Art Exhibition, Winning Competitor
         Korea woman Art Exhibition, Winning Competitor
         Gyeonggi Great fine art’s Exhibition, Winning Competitor

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