The Message

by Woo Bock Lee

Private View: Saturday 10th May 6.00 - 8.00 pm

Exhibition: 12th May - 24th May 2014

The Message series, which shares its title with the exhibition as a whole, explores a sculptural motif firmly rooted in the Korean custom of writing notes on sheets of paper, twisted into a loop and then pinned to a wall at the entrance to a favourite tea shop. These messages are then discovered, opened and read by the intended loved one or intimate friend on the next visit to their meeting-place. The secretive power of anticipation radiates from the unopened note and is further intensified by the sculptural enlargement of the Message, articulating its magnified significance to the intended addressee.

Woo Bock Lee creates her collage, painting and sculpture works by the innovative union of delicate, but resilient sheets of Han-ji, the traditional mulberry-based paper which she salvages and recycles from old Korean school books, with robust steel mesh and wire.

The antique Han-ji paper, with its autumnal colour scale of golden tones and contrasting black ink and red seal markings, exudes a poetic atmosphere of historical story telling, well suited to her artistic purposes. The energy and strength required in moulding steel mesh into the curved or angular sculpture forms bear witness to Woo-Bock Lee’s vigorous creative process.

About the artist

Woo Bock Lee was formally educated in art in Seoul, South Korea. She attended Surabul Art College and Kunkook University. She then travelled to Sweden and France to further her learning. During her time in Paris she studied at the Academie de la Grand Chaumerie. She has been living in Sweden for over 35 years. Even though the majority of Woo Bock Lee’s studies have taken place outside of South Korea, her style and the materials she uses are very much inspired by her heritage. For example, she makes frequent visits to Korea to collect pieces of calligraphy for her works. Woo Bock Lee is a member of the International Association of Paper Makers and Artists (IAPMA).

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Selected Exhibitions

2014: Galleri Nord, Örebro, Sweden.
2013: Papiers et Libertes, ARTEUM Chateau Neuf de Rouge, France.
2013: Galleri Sjöhästen. Nyköping, Sweden.
2013: Ekebyhovs Slotts, Ekerö, Sweden.
2012: Edsvik Konsthall, Sweden.

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